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The Soul of Nursing Leadership Coaching / Mentoring Program

"Your crown has been bought and paid for. All you have to do is put it on your head" James Baldwin

As nursing leaders we benefit from the legacy left by transformational leaders like Florence Nightingale1 , Captain Mary Lee Mills2 and Lillian Wald3. They had no idea how many lives would be touched by their leadership but they did have a purpose and the vision to know that they wanted to make an impact on the lives they came in contact with. They did not go about their day saying “What will I do to leave a positive legacy today?” They just made a choice to live up to their potential.

We, as nurses, can wear the crown they left now. Transformational (legacy) leadership is when you help pave the way for someone else to wear a crown. You prepare for transfer of leadership by sharing knowledge, wisdom and the power of your gifts and talents.

Legacy leadership is when our ability and our will to help others is in sync. Skills must match desire. However, despite popular opinion, this synchronization doesn’t just happen. We need direction and support to grow and develop our abilities and our will. Your mind is where decisions, planning, focus and implementation begin. You need tools and strategies to get your mind on track. The Life Coach RN, Naomi D. Jones’ mentoring program will help you connect and balance your mind, abilities and will.

Most of us were never formally trained to be nursing leaders. We often had to “figure it out”. So many nursing leaders are frustrated, disappointed and overwhelmed. It may seem as though you don’t have time to help others. How do you open the door and train the next generation of nursing leaders when you're barely keeping your own head above water? Can you do it by just changing you mind? By making a few changes in your environment? It isn't enough to just figure out how to get through your emails for the day or deal with the difficult employee. No! You need more! You have to take care of yourself (your soul and spirit) before you can take care of others.

Naomi has 35 years of nursing experience and has seen the “good, the bad and the ugly.” She has lived that life of frustration to transformation and developed this program utilizing some of her hard learned lessons. The good news is, you can save time, energy and heartache because she will share those lessons with you. Her program The Soul of Nursing Leadership’s aim is to take your life and leadership to the next level.

Transformational (Legacy) Leadership demands that you develop your emotional and spiritual intelligence, resilience, and your authentic self. This is done by understanding the power you have when you connect your mind, body, soul and your personal and leadership style.

What's the benefit of being a Legacy Leader?

Increased personal power and confidence.
Fulfillment because you will understand and operate in your purpose.
The ability to enjoy your work!
The opportunity to make a difference in your life and the lives of others!
Augment your competency as a nursing leader.

You see, everyone has the God-given right to "prosper and be in good health even as the soul prospers ."The soul is where the authentic you resides. It’s ground zero. What you feed or deprive your soul of, will determine how you feel about and manage your life and career. You have to be built mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually so you have something of quality to give to others. You can’t give what you don’t have!

The spiritual aspects of life cannot be ignored. When you look at the grand Sequoia trees, beautiful beaches and fabulous mountains around the world, you know there’s something more to our existence than just going to work each day. How and where do you fit into the scheme of life?

"For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope"

The answer is, you do have a purpose for why you are here. When your mind is focused and your soul and spirit are in proper order for you, everything falls into place. You can be peaceful in the eye of the storm! Are you ready to step into your prosperity and purpose? If so, Naomi’s mentoring program, The Soul of Nursing Leadership is what you need!

Getting to the mind, body, soul and spirit of your leadership is a process reminiscent of the nursing care plan. Though the care plan has often been regarded as a waste of time (probably because of the way we were taught it), the nursing care plan is an essential part of the nursing process. The Soul of Nursing Leadership has an essential component of personal reflection. It is a guide to help you identify important issues you are likely to neglect, which is usually yourself.

The Soul of Nursing Leadership is a 6-month mentoring program for nursing leaders and is designed for personal growth and leadership development. This mentoring program will help you save time, reduce stress and gain a deeper understanding of who you are as an individual and a leader. This is where you get to the heart of the matter, “Why am I here? Is this all there is?”

Just as the nursing care plan requires nurses to critically assess and develop interventions that are specifically tailored to each patient, the The Soul of Nursing Leadership Program gives you a blueprint strategy to support you as you assess, identify, define and develop realistic, achievable goals for your leadership journey while offering measurable markers for your success.

In the Soul of Nursing Leadership Program you will:

          Understand your purpose as a leader.
          Organize your environment so it's conducive to your purpose.
          Identify and change habits and thought patterns that don't serve you.
          Increase your ability to find joy and fulfillment in your work and personal life.

What is the outcome?

Too often we don’t have a plan so we’re not sure what outcome we are looking for. Without a plan, life can be a journey of just tasks – things to do that don’t have any sense of long lasting fulfillment. We become subject to the will and desires of other people or organizations. Naomi will help you design your personal careplan so you can achieve balance and live your legacy in the fullness of the present. Learn how to hear that still small voice that will launch you into big things!

Decide you want more out of life than simply existing or just working. See why you need a personal care plan that incorporates and aligns your mind, body, soul and spirit which will take you to the next level.

Module 1. Assessment

Who am I? This first session explores who you are as an individual. Before you can lead anyone else you have to know who YOU are. Since the soul is where authenticity lies, this is a great place to begin the groundwork for legacy leadership. What are your values that drive you? Evaluate and prioritize what’s important to you. Naomi will help you discover how to:

          Identify your personal and professional goals.
          Stop giving less time to yourself than you do others.
          Develop an astute understanding of what's important to YOU.
          Discover your talents and gifts.

Module 2. Diagnosis

To diagnose is to get a solution or answer to a problematic situation. The biggest problem most people have is, “What do I really want?” This is the ground floor of discovering your purpose. You can’t fix what you can’t even acknowledge. Sometimes you’re just going along a path but you’re not sure where it is going. What you're really looking for is fulfillment! Naomi will help you understand:

          Where your life, personally and professionally, intersect.
          Where you are personally and professionally and determine where you want to go.
          The basics that will help you build your confidence as a leader within your organization.
          Identify what’s holding you back.

Module 3. Vision

Where am I going? Envision your lifestyle the way you want it! Connecting the mind, body, soul and spirit lays the foundation for your vision. What does that look like?

          Begin to lay the foundation for your vision for your life and career.
          Set goals professionally and personally and prepare action steps to make it happen.
          Develop F.O.C.U.S.5 on your vision.
          Discover how to leverage your talent and gifts and how they will serve you best. Do you want to work within organizational structures or develop your entrepreneurial spirit?

Module 4. Self-Care

Design interventions. What do I need to get there? Support! We don't do anything alone despite popular opinion. We all need a little help from our friends and (foes). Here is where you identify and set up your support systems. Naomi will help you develop a system to:

          Identify your resources.
          Develop healthy boundaries.
          Learn how to build in reflection time to refresh the soul.
          Develop a continuum for mental, physical, emotional and spiritual intelligence.

Module 5. Implementation

Begin implementation. Let's create the processes then just do it! Evaluate the plan for the desired outcome then tweak as needed. Reassessment is the key if you’re going to achieve personal success. Plan, Do, Study, Act. (the REAL way it should be done). It's a process, a journey and it's all connected! With the SNL Care Plan you will:

          Develop strategies of leadership that will be effective within YOUR organization.
          Define the process needed to identify your measurable milestones.
          Get comfortable in your own skin, build your confidence and own your leadership style!
          Understand how your personality and leadership style influences other styles.
          Begin to change how you "talk" to yourself. Learn simple but powerful techniques that will help you find your voice and get you "heard"! Discover how self-talk can improve your success.

Module 6. It’s All Connected!

No one can stop you now! Pull all modules together and add the power of communication! People are the main variable in our lives and nursing careers. Learn the art of motivating and inspiring yourself and others. Naomi shares her secrets on how to handle challenging situations and people.

          Discover ways to stay calm in the eye of the storm.
          Stay focused with laser precision on what's important!
          Take ownership and responsibility for your actions.
          Perform in a leadership style that’s truly yours.

Working with Naomi as the Life Coach RN and utilizing The Soul of Nursing Leadership ’s components of Assessment, Diagnosis, Vision, Self-care, Implementation and Connection, you will find opportunities and Soul-utions that will increase your ability to Work Smarter not Harder, live your vision and have personal fulfillment and joy. By taking specific steps to get organized, take care of yourself and get focused, this plan makes sure that you will transform you into the awesome individual you are meant to be.

Walk on the path toward self-actualization - ‘the achievement of your full potential through creativity, independence and spontaneity along with a grasp of the real world ’. This path will have you living your legacy powerfully and in all of its fullness. The outcome is peace of mind, soul and spirit. Don’t forget:

Your crown has already been bought and paid for by awesome individual leaders just like you. All you have to do is put it on your head.

Are you ready for Success, Joy, and Fulfillment?

Welcome to The Soul of Nursing Leadership!

1 Florence Nightingale -
2 Captain Mary Lee Mills -
3 Lillian Wald -
4 III John 1:2
5 Follow One Course Until Successful

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