Naomi, with all her bubbling charm, showed us how to find meaning in our lives by utilizing our own strengths.

I am a newly retired 64y/o female. When I first considered retirement I was torn and undecided. I was three years younger then. I thought there was nothing else for me to do with my life if I retired. The prospect was overwhelming. The Stock Market was becoming unstable, how would I manage financially? Naomi was beginning a new chapter in her life also. She wanted to combine her life experiences with her professional expertise in helping others. Anyone who has had the privilege of being in a room with Naomi, knows the charm, warmth and assuredness she wears as a second skin. Naomi has the ability to put you at ease over \"any\" situation, simply by smiling that bright brilliant smile of hers. More importantly, she listens without judgement and guides you in such a way that it\'s almost magical. Did I make that decision? That is the result of having Naomi as a Life Coach. All of the things I thought I could not do prearing to retire, I did. I did things like preparing a budget, looking in detail at required expenses and eliminating those which were not. Naomi never pushed, she guided me gently and in hind site I saw it was all me! She reminded me of some of the talents I have and have not utilized. Particularly the education acquired in Grad school could now be beneficial to me in retirement. I would not have traded my experience with Naomi for anything else. It was personal, private, professionl and purposeful. I have since referred others to her who mirror my sentiments. Thanks,

Sherli, New York

In 2009, I was in emotional turmoil stuck between career transitioning and turning 30 years old. These crises lead me to sleepless nights and feelings of anxiety, I found Naomi Jones (Life Coach RN) to assist with identifying and achieving my life goals. I began working with Mrs. Jones on an introductory basis to evaluate the service and its place in my busy schedule. By the end of the introductory session, I continued sessions to learn best methods for eliminating stress in my life. I took advantage of the convenient telephone coaching sessions while online options were substituted when I was unavailable to be on the phone. Naomiís kind and professional demeanor made creating options for coaching to fit into my schedule easy. Along with my weekly goals, I began to clearly identify areas of achievement in my life that were missing and neglected by unfocused goals. Additional career options were developed with Naomi, as she patiently listened, addressed career options mentioned and spoke clearly identifying my stated goals and ways to achieve these goals on a weekly basis. Weekly check-ins, email communication and availability for extra sessions increased my awareness to take advantage of stated goals through written evaluations submitted once a week. I learned how to continue developing goal achievement within my available resources. My confidence and decision-making process for approaching situations outside my control were increased with her as my coach. I greatly benefitted from the Life Coach RN (Naomi) and recommend her caring guidance to assist with setting and realizing personal goals.

Jira C, Maryland

Your company has been a pleasure to work with.

Naomi Jones's easy presentation style immediately puts the audience at ease. Normally a lot of wellness information that is out there is so boring! The lively, interactive discussions Naomi presented made us all want to get out there and make the right lifestyle changes! What a great workshop! Thanks,

Louise Nixon RN, BSN, MSN

Naomi has been a pleasure to work with.

Right from the start, Naomi Jones impressed me with her efficient, professional manner. She not only inspired confidence, but generated a warmth that I needed at that time. Naomi gave me an effective solution to a family matter that was disturbing in my life. She allowed me to talk and she listened. She gave me other ways to look at my situation that brought me to a better and clearer understanding. What a relief!!! My talks with Naomi resolved issues that were almost leading me to a breakdown. I have since been able to minimize my issues and because of her help was able to see a clearer picture. With her helpful knowledge and most of all friendly personality, I no longer feel on the brink but can now walk with a peacefulness in my heart and mind. Thank you Naomi!

Marilyn, New York