I am a Life Architect and Success Engineer. I help people design the life they desire and create a blueprint to get extraordinary results in their lives. My programs help you get out of your own way, overcome obstacles and stop the cycle of wishing you had a ‘better’ life!

The Mindset Reset Blueprint – Designer Coaching Programs

These programs are for the nurse, entrepreneur or person who:

➢ wants to live a more positive, productive life doing what you love!
➢ wants to transition into the role of entrepreneur from employee
➢ wants to figure out ‘What’s Next?’
➢ wants to enhance their leadership skills as part of a management team or as an informal leader



*Check Y.U.R Chicken 90 Day Transformation* – 3 Month program.  Value- $2997. You are not sure about your path or purpose.You know you a desire to have a great life, but you feel lost without a process.

This program has six modules delivered bi-weekly, designed to guide you into discovering who you are and what you want. Here we will identify your vision, focus and on what’s important, identify blocks, (chicken mindset) then create and execute a plan for your success.

➢ (2) 60 minute brainstorming and strategizing sessions bi weekly.
➢ Assignments given to promote insight.
➢ Up to 4 email contacts per month.

 Mindset Change

*Access Y.U.R. Greatness In The Moment* – Introductory Mindset Check-in program. $197 .  Value- $997.

You are working toward your goal or you need clarity about next steps. Maybe you have a specific issue blocking your success? Do you need an extra pair of eyes on a situation? This is your program. Address your challenges as they arise.

Allows for flexibility.

➢ (1) 60 minute session.
➢ (1) 15 minute follow up call.

Mastering Mindset

Master Y.U.R. Life Story-Mentoring Program*. 6 Month program. You know what you want. You may have even started doing some of the work toward your dream life, but you keep starting and stopping. This is for the person who desires more personal support in getting things done sooner rather than later. Support provided through frequent brainstorming, strategizing and accountability on a personal basis. Structured to increase possibility of success through sustained focus.

➢ (3) 75 minute brainstorming and strategizing sessions per month.
➢ (3) 15 minute check in/ follow up and accountability calls included.
➢ Assignments given to promote insight.
➢ Up to 10 email contacts per month.

Mindset Cycle

Living the dream…

Naomi’s ‘Mindset Reset Blueprint’ Coaching Programs are designed to transform and/ or rebuild your life’s journey by taking charge of your own life and defining your own success! Let me support you in creating your vision, strategize a plan with you and open the doors to endless possibilities!

Changing Mindset

Control that self -defeating (Chicken) mindset!  Live the life God designed you to live!  Let me help you get your mind, body, soul and spirit back in alignment. Remember:  CHANGE YOUR THINKING…CHANGE YOUR LIFE!

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